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Does Shift work with Mac M1?
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Yes! While there is not yet a native Shift app for the new M1 chips for Mac users, Shift does work well in emulation with Shift v7. You'll just need to install Rosetta 2 on your Mac for Shift to run in emulation. 😎


🎉 NEW! Native Mac M1 (Apple Silicon) support with Shift v8! 🎉


Shift v8 provides a faster, smoother, Shift experience. The core functionality of v8 remains the same as v7, with all your email accounts and applications living in the sidebar; emails located in the top section, and applications on the bottom. 


Check out this article to learn how to update from Shift v7 to Shift v8 and export your passwords. 


Or click here to learn more about Shift v8!



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