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Shift 6.050 - Released 2021-01-06
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Here at Shift, we are ringing in the New Year by releasing Shift 6.050 to the Stable channel. This release will address some key bugs and provide you with a fresh batch of applications to kick-off 2021.


  • Workspaces bookmarks bar will appear by default with the link to Shift Support automatically bookmarked for easy access to the Shift Customer Success team

Bug fixes

Resolved: Side navigation buttons on a mouse are not working in Shift web tabs 

Resolved: Badge notifications are not appearing on the Notion App 

Resolved: Workspaces with large names may have the name cut-off when the sidebar style is expanded

Resolved: The Mailto link does not open with

Resolved: The Grammarly Extension window is cut off and not all relevant text is available

Resolved: Printing documents from Gmail is not working

Resolved: Todoist notifications in Shift are not displaying an unread badge unread badge

New apps

A new batch of additional applications has just been added to Shift! See below for a full list: 


To get access to the latest access to the latest version of Shift's Stable channel you can check for updates. 

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