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Sync Issues in Shift
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Issue Summary 📄

A connection error message pops up in your Shift window stating that Shift Cannot Communicate with Shift Server:



These connection issues can arise for many reasons, including but not limited to:


  • Recent changes to your network in an email added to Shift
  • A proxy server connected through your internet
  • A firewall or antivirus software
  • An internal server error

This message is displayed automatically when your Shift desktop app detects there is a connection issue with Shift's servers. This means that if you make any changes while this message appears or shortly after you've dismissed it, such as add or remove any apps or emails, add new passwords or update existing ones, attempt to change your Primary Shift Account to a different email, among others, these changes may not be saved. Seeing this message from time to time is ok! However, if this message constantly appears, it is recommended to try and address it, as it may cause login issues for your emails and apps, issues accessing your password vault, and other account sync issues.


On some occasions, you may also get this error message when trying to log into Shift:

This issue is primarily caused by a firewall or other mechanism blocking Shift. You'll often need to whitelist Shift in this case (see below).


Solutions 💡

  1. Hard refresh Shift by pressing Cmd/Ctrl + Shift + R on your keyboard
  2. Try changing your theme temporarily. Right-click on the "+" in the bottom left corner and select the opposite theme. Wait a moment, and then change it back and see if the banner disappears
  3. Ensure that Shift is marked as safe in any antivirus software
  4. Whitelist Shift on any firewall you might have enabled
  • wss://
  • Port 443 will need to be open for HTTPS

If the error message has not cleared please try resetting your Shift settings back to default. You'll need to log into your emails, apps, and extensions again, but this usually helps resolve a wide range of issues, including connectivity issues. Here's how to reset your Shift settings:


  1. Click Options (lower left) > Settings > Reset settings
  2. Click on "Restore settings to their original defaults" button on the far right and click Reset settings
  3. Shift will shutdown and then restart immediately on its own
  4. Click Log into an existing account and login with your Primary Shift Account


What's next?

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