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Shift for Teams FAQ
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1. Why Shift for Teams?

Shift for Teams offers all the same features as Shift Advanced, with a few additional perks like unified billing, segregation of duties, and an easy-to-use Teams dashboard that can be used to manage licenses and team members. Shift for Teams makes it much easier to manage licenses and members, especially as your team grows and changes 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Read more about features here.


2. What is the difference between Shift Advanced and Shift for Teams?

Check out our comparison here.


3. How much is Shift for Teams?

Check our latest pricing here. 💲


4. Can I control what apps my Team Members can add to their Shift setup?

No. Each individual team member has control over their own Shift setup and can add whatever emails, apps, and workspaces of their own. If you’re looking to add some control and structure to your members’ setups, we recommend creating Workspaces and giving your team members view-only access. This way, your team members would have access to the Workspaces you set up and would not be able to alter them. Read more about permissions in Workspaces here.


5. Can I set a default setup for my Team Members?

No. Please see above! 👆


6. Do I automatically get reimbursed for unused Shift for Teams licenses?

No. When you purchase licenses for Shift for Teams, they are on an annual basis only. We do not offer a credit on unused time for any vacant or unused licenses. 


7. What is the difference between an Admin and a Member on Shift for Teams?

The Admin has the ability to control purchasing, billing, and team member management. The Admin controls who fills the seats/licenses on the team. A team Member does not have the ability to purchase, change billing, or alter the team in any way. More about that here.


8. Is it possible to have more than one Admin for my Team?



9. I got a discount for Shift Advanced. Does it also apply to my Shift for Teams account?

No. If you purchased Shift Advanced at a discounted rate, your discount will be voided and the difference between what you paid and the regular price of Shift will be added when you purchase a Teams plan. Read more here.

Exceptions are for those who qualify for our Non-Profit and Educator discounts


10. Is there any Shift for Teams discounts available?

Not at this time. We do not currently offer any volume discounts for Team plans.


What's next?

Learn more about Shift for Teams here.


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Read more about privacy and security in Shift here.

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