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How do I transfer my subscription to another email? print icon

If you have recently switched your email domain and no longer have access to your original email account the Shift support team can help you transfer your subscription over to your new email domain. 


In the case that you have access to your new and old email domain, you can switch your Primary email address by following the steps here. 

How to transfer your subscription to a new email domain 

1. Submit a ticket with Shift support here 

2. Provide the support team with both your new and old email addresses 

3. Include the last four digits of your credit card used to purchase your Shift Advanced account or the invoice for the purchase 

This is for verification purposes.

4. The Shift support team will be in contact once we have manually transferred your subscription to your new email domain


Please keep in mind that switching over your subscription to another email will require you to log in to all your accounts, apps, and extensions once again.


What's next?

Experiencing issues changing your Primary Shift Account? Read here.

Need help?

Get in touch with our support team here.

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