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Issue Summary 📄

The latest version of Shift brought some big updates and positive changes that have been a long time coming. Unfortunately, this update has also caused a few unexpected issues with Slack users seeing a blank page. 


This issue results in the messaging component of Slack to be blank, and unusable. Clicking between channels is still possible, but no content is visible. This is the result of a conflict with the Grammarly extension. It will look something like this:



Status: Developers working on a Fix ⏳

Our development team is actively working on a fix for this issue. A potential fox is estimated sometime in early January 2021.


Temporary Workaround 💡

If you don’t mind temporarily disabling Grammarly, then these steps will help you out. Here's how to disable the extension:


  1. Click … in the bottom left corner to open the options popover
  2. Click the wrench icon to get to Settings
  3. Open the extensions tab
  4. Find Grammarly in the list of extensions
  5. Toggle Grammarly off on the right

Once you’ve turned Grammarly off you can reload Shift to return Slack to it’s expected state. On a Mac use cmd+shift+r, and on Windows/Linux use ctrl+shift+r to do so.


If you heavily rely on Grammarly during your workday and don’t feel comfortable turning it off, you can try this instead:


  1. Click the plus in the bottom left to add another app
  2. Search Slack and select from the app directory
  3. Login with your details, creating a second active Slack environment
  4. Delete the first Slack app

While this solution should fix it for the foreseeable future, if you do run into this issue again you are able to follow these steps to solve the problem again.


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