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Shift 6.0
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Shift 6.0 is here and it is Shift's biggest update yet! This release is full of new features including Shift's very own Password Manager and performance updates to ensure you can work as efficiently as possible.

Password Management 

Shift's Password Manager allows you to securely manage all of your passwords from directly inside of Shift. Import your passwords from your browser(s) or your favourite password manager to utilize Shift's autofill and auto-login features to save time signing in to your Apps, Email Accounts, and web tabs. 

We kept privacy at the forefront of our minds in developing Shift's Password Manager. Find out how we keep your data safe here. 

Extension support

Overall extension performance in Shift has improved by 25%. Extensions will install to your Shift workstation at a rapid speed due to an increased focus on rendering and loading times for each extension by Shift's development team.

LastPass performance has been drastically improved through the latest update to Shift with loading times improved by 80%. Users of LastPass will be able to auto-fill their passwords quickly and efficiently without any delay. 


The process to sign into extensions has been modified to ensure users can utilize different logins across Shift. With this update, you will need to sign in to each extension individually across your Applications, Email Accounts, and Workspaces. 

Learn more about using extensions in Shift 6.0 here. 

Performance enhancements 

Web tabs are loading 50% faster across all browser tabs with Shift 6.0. Searching in your browser has never been faster. Find results at the click of the button across Mailboxes, Workspaces and Applications.


With Shift 6.0, Workspaces are loading 40% faster, allowing collaboration to flourish between your team members. Name your Shift Workspace and quickly share it with whomever you choose by link or email. 



What's next?

Click here to find out how to get started with Shift Workspaces.


Stay up to date with a full list of Shift updates by navigating to our Release Notes.


Learn how to start using Shift's Password Manager here. 

Need help?

Get in touch with our support team here.

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