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Using the Shift browser
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When browsing in Shift, you can think of Shift as its own unique browser that helps keep your web tabs organized by the email, app, or Workspace you browse within. The built-in web browser in Shift is Chromium-based (but not the same as Chrome)! Each time you start a new search or click to open a web link in Shift, it will open in the account, app, or Workspace you're in. Check out our quick tips below 👇

IMPORTANT: Open and pinned tabs are stored in your local data, meaning they will close if you ever get logged out of your Primary Shift Account or want to access your Shift account on another computer. Read more about this here.


If you use certain websites and online documents regularly, we recommend adding them as Bookmarks in Workspaces.


How to pin web tabs

You can pin a web tab anywhere in Shift by right-clicking on the tab and selecting "Pin." Your pinned tabs will appear in the email, app, or Workspace you pin them within. These pinned tabs or any web tab you leave open in Shift will stay open when you fully close and open Shift again.


How to use secondary and incognito windows

Secondary windows are ideal for those using multiple monitors, as you can seamlessly drag your secondary window to your monitor. To open any link in a secondary window you can either right-click on the link and select "Open link in new window" or use our handy keyboard shortcut Cmd n or Ctrl n. 


Incognito windows can be used in Shift when you do not want your browsing data, history, cookies, or cache saved. To open an incognito window in Shift, simply use the keyboard shortcut Cmd Shift n or Ctrl Shift n.


Can I change the default browser in Shift?

Quick answer: no. One of the main benefits of Shift is that it truly does help keep your web tabs organized much better and more easily than you ever could in any browser. By default, any links you click on while inside Shift will open as a new web tab within Shift. For instance, if you click on a link from a message in your Gmail account, a new web tab will open up within that same email account. If you click into a different email or app, that web tab won't be there to distract you.


If you prefer not to use the browser within Shift, no problem! You can change your links to open in your computer's default browser outside of Shift instead. Just go to Options (lower left) > Settings < General > Functionality > scroll to find "Open links in Shift" and disable it on the right-hand side:


For any apps you've added outside of Workspaces, you can set your link opening preferences within them individually by going to Options > Settings > Apps > Installed Apps > toggle your individual preferences accordingly:




What's next?

Complete your setup and learn about Shift's best features in our Getting Started section here.

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