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Using Focused Web Tabs in Shift
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When browsing in Shift, you can think of Shift as its own unique browser that helps keep your web tabs organized by the email, app, or Workspace you browse within. 


How to Pin Web Tabs

You can pin a web tab anywhere in Shift by right-clicking on the tab and selecting "Pin." Your pinned tabs will appear in the email, app, or Workspace you pin them within. These pinned tabs, or any web tab you leave open in Shift will stay open when you fully close and open Shift again.


Open and pinned tabs are stored in your local data, meaning they will close if you ever need to reset your application data. Opened and pinned tabs will also therefore not sync across multiple devices


Open Links in Shift setting

By default, any links you click on while inside Shift will open as a new web tab within Shift. For instance, if you click on a link from a message in your Gmail account, a new web tab will open up within that same email account. Having your links open in Shift is beneficial, as it can help you remember what account, app, or Workspace you were in when you opened the link, to make for easier navigation later. These tabs will also appear in the app switcher.


If you prefer to have your links open outside of Shift in your default browser, head into Options (lower left) > Settings > General > Functionality > scroll to find Open links in Shift and toggle it on or off as desired.


Open Links in App setting

For any apps you've added outside of Workspaces, you can set your link opening preferences within them individually by going to Options > Settings > Apps > Installed Apps > toggle your individual preferences accordingly.



What's next?

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