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Password Management FAQ (v7 legacy)
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Get ready to save time with Shift's Password Manager. Before you get started, here is a list of frequently asked questions. 👇🔐


Where can I import my passwords from? 

Shift Password Manager currently supports password imports from the following browsers: Chrome, Internet Explorer, Edge Legacy, and Edge Chromium. Importing passwords from Safari and Firefox is not supported. Learn how to import your passwords from a supported browser here.


What is my Vault Password/Emergency Kit?

Learn all about your Vault Password and Emergency Kit here.


How can I find my Vault Password/Emergency Kit?

  1. Go to your Options > Settings > Passwords > Options > click "View Emergency Kit"
  2. From here you can download and/or print out your Emergency Kit containing your Vault Password

Your Vault Password is essential for restoring an existing computer or accessing your passwords on a new computer. It is strongly recommended to store your Emergency Kit somewhere safe that only you have access to.


Does two-factor authentication or single sign-on impact Shift's Password Manager?

No. Shift has no effect on third-party two-factor or multi-factor authentication and does not react to bypassing those features. Read more about which 2FA and SSO methods are supported in Shift


Does Shift have access to my passwords?

No. As soon as your passwords are imported or added manually to Shift, a Password Vault is created and protected by two layers of encryption. Your Vault Password is the only thing that can decrypt your password data and is always stored locally on your Operating System and is never sent to Shift's servers. Learn how Shift keeps your password data safe here.


I signed into another computer and need to bring up the Vault Password prompt again. How do I do that?

We've got steps for that! Have a look through based on your OS below:


Can I use Shift's Password Manager to sign into extensions?

No, at this time you cannot access your password manager while signing into extensions in Shift. 


Is there any information I cannot save with Shift's Password Manager?

Credit card information and addresses are unable to be saved with Shift's Password Manager. 



If I delete my Shift account what happens to my password data?

Your password data gets deleted if you delete your Shift account. Your encrypted password vault will be automatically and permanently deleted with your account. Read more here.


What's next?

Find out how to start saving time with Shift's Password Manager here. 

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