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Your Shift Account: Domain and other email changes
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There are three common reasons why you may encounter an error when trying to change your Primary Shift Account:


  1. There is already another Shift account associated with the email
  2. Recent domain change or recently changed email providers (e.g. switched from GSuite to Office 365)
  3. There is a sync issue that has caused the change to fail

Below are some tips for what to do in each case!


1. The selected mailbox is already a Primary for another account

If you try to set your Primary Shift Account as an existing account, you will encounter an error message "The selected mailbox is already a primary for another account." This error message means that the email account you are trying to switch to is an existing Primary Shift Account in Shift (i.e. this account is used to sign in to another Shift workstation).


If you were ever logged out of Shift and accidentally logged in with a different email, a new Shift account will get created, with that email as the Primary Shift Account.


If you find yourself in this scenario, get in touch with the Shift support team by clicking on "Submit Ticket" in the upper-right corner of this page, and we can help you delete this extra Shift account.

In your ticket please indicate the email you'd like us to delete the account for.



2. Recent domain change or recently changed email providers (e.g. switched from GSuite to Office 365)

If you have recently changed domains or email providers, this will likely create a sync issue with your account and prevent you from changing your Primary Shift Account to a different email.


If this is the case for you, please get in touch with our support team by clicking on "Submit Ticket" in the upper right corner of this page. Here's the information you need to include in your ticket:

  1. Let us know you've changed providers/hosts recently and that you need a transfer
  2. Provide proof of payment (include a copy of your original invoice or the last 4 digits of your credit card you used to purchase Shift with initially)


Note: Our team will help transfer the account over to the updated email for you. This will involve either transferring your account to a different email temporarily (When we transfer your subscription, you'll just need to sign out of Shift and sign back into all your accounts again. Your set will remain intact, with exception of any opened/pinned web tabs not saved as Bookmarks in Workspaces), or if you don't have any other email, what we'll need to do in that case is temporarily delete your account, and have you create a new account from scratch using the same email, but ensuring that the email type selected is your new provider when you create the account. After you create it again, we would just reinstate your subscription. The downside here is that you essentially lose your setup completely. There is a way to export your passwords in case you've saved any to Shift (we can walk you through that process if this is the option you choose).


3. Sync issues

If you encounter a failure/sync message when you try to change your Primary Shift Account, it may be due to a sync issue occurring in the background. Here's how to check and what you can do if the failure continues:


  1. Check to ensure you're not running Shift on another device. If you use multiple devices, fully close down Shift on every device except for one while you make the change
  2. Fully close and reload Shift after the failure occurs and try again
  3. Check for any yellow notification banners in Shift that may indicate there is a sync issue
  4. Try setting your Primary to a different email, if possible


What's next?

More information about sync issues here.


Need help?

Get in touch with our support team here.


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