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Getting Started with Password Management
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Securely manage your passwords from directly inside Shift, with the ability to import your passwords from your browser(s), or favorite password management tool.


Import your passwords

If you haven't already been prompted by the in-app pop-ups, you can import your passwords from your browser by heading into Options (lower left corner) > Settings > Passwords > Options > Import. From this page, you can choose which browser you'd like to import your password information from.



Manage your passwords

Manage your passwords by heading into Options (lower left corner) > Settings > Passwords. Under Your Passwords will be a full list of your saved passwords. Manage items from your list by typing in the search bar or scrolling through the alphabetized list.


Password preferences

Choose your password preferences by heading into Options (lower left corner) > Settings > Passwords > Options. You can choose from various preferences, such as auto-fill, auto-login, and more. 



We kept your privacy and security at the forefront of our minds throughout the development of Shift's Password Manager. This was done by finding the safest encryption tools on the market to ensure that your information is protected from all threats and your passwords are synced in the most secure way possible. 


Your passwords are protected by your encrypted vault password, which is never sent to our servers and stored locally on your keychain (for Mac), Credential Vault (for Windows), or Secret Service API (for Linux).



What's next?

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Learn more about Password Management in Shift here.


Learn more about how your data is encrypted and kept secure here.


Need help?

Get in touch with our support team here.

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