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How to use Password Management in Shift
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Use Shift's Password Management feature to easily import, save, and manage your passwords. Shift's Password Manager is turned on in your settings by default. With these settings, Shift will automatically prompt you to save new passwords as they are entered, fill in your default login credentials, and seamlessly sign you in.


When you use Shift's Password Manager, a Vault and Vault Password will automatically be created for you. Make sure to save your Emergency Kit somewhere safe that only you have access to and that's easily accessible across multiple devices (such as a secure drive or a USB). Learn more about your Vault Password here.


How to manage your password settings

  1. Go to Options (lower left corner) > Settings > Passwords > Options

  2. Toggle your password, auto-fill, auto-login, and backup preferences as desired


Manage your passwords

1. Go to Options > Settings > Passwords > Your Passwords

2. Adjust password settings from here by toggling Auto-login or Auto-fill on/off for each individual password

Use the search bar on the page to quickly find the account you're looking for!


What's next?

Learn the basics with Password Management, including a quick how-to video here.


Learn about how to import your passwords from a browser here.


Need help?

Get in touch with our support team here.

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