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How to destroy your Password Vault (Mac)
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If you've lost your Vault Password or believe it may have been accessed by someone else, you may have to destroy your existing Password Vault and create a new one. Below are the steps you can use to destroy your Password Vault in Shift.

Destroying your Vault will delete all password data. The destruction of your Vault is a permanent action that cannot be reversed. 


How to destroy your vault (Mac)

  1. Fully close Shift (press Cmd Q on your keyboard)
  2. Open the Keychain Access app (Cmd 1) and select "Keychain access"
  3. Scroll to find "Shift Secure Vault" or type "Shift" in the upper-right search bar
  4. Right-click and select "Delete Shift Secure Vault" and follow the prompt
  5. Launch the Shift desktop application

  6. You should be immediately prompted to enter your Vault Password or destroy your vault. Select "Destroy Vault" and follow the prompt

After your vault is destroyed, you can start fresh and build a new Vault by importing your passwords or saving them manually.

You can also destroy your Vault by logging into your Primary Shift Account on another computer and following the destroy vault process from the in-app prompts.


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