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How Do I Destroy my Password Vault in Shift? print icon

If you have lost your vault password, believe it may have been stolen, or are otherwise unable to retrieve it,  you may have to destroy your existing vault and create a new one.

Destroying your vault will delete all passwords that are stored inside of Shift's Password Manager. The destruction of your vault is a permanent action that cannot be reversed. 

Once your vault is destroyed your vault and vault password will be deleted from your Operating System (OS). Any password data that may be on Shift’s servers are heavily encrypted and impossible to decrypt without your vault password.

How to Permanently Destroy your Vault

  1. After being prompted to unlock your vault click the red button entitled “Destroy Vault”.

  2. Select “Yes, destroy my vault”

Your password vault is now permanently erased. You can now start fresh and import your passwords from your favourite password managers or add new passwords to start a new vault. 

What's next?

Find out how to import your passwords back into Shift here. 

Questions, comments, or concerns?

Submit a ticket to speak directly with a member of our Customer Success team here. 

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