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Are you ready to start using Shift's Password Manager? Prepare to become a productivity master! ✔


Get started with Shift's Password Manager by importing your passwords.


Please click the link below that describes your current system to find instructions best suited to you. 

  1. I use Chrome as my password manager.

  2. I use LastPass as my password manager. 

  3. I use Dashlane as my password manager.

  4. I use 1Password as my password manager.  

  5. I do not currently use a password management tool and want to manually add my passwords to Shift.

Upon import, passwords will be accessible in your Shift keychain through your vault. Passwords can be edited, copied, and deleted from inside your Shift Settings. 

For Windows Users, passwords are stored in your Credential Vault.

For Linux Users, passwords are stored in your Secret Service API (libsecret).

For Mac users, passwords are stored in your Keychain. 

You will then be prompted to set up your emergency kit that allows access to your vault on a new device or to access your passwords on your existing device. It is highly recommended that you write down your vault password or save it to a USB device. This password will give you access to your vault and all your passwords in Shift.  

How Do I View my Imported Passwords?

  1. Open your Options tray 

  2. Click on Settings (wrench icon) 

  3. Navigate to Passwords 

You will now see a pop up on whichever apps, email accounts, or web tabs you have associated saved passwords with. Simply click on the star icon beside your login credentials to log in within seconds! 

What's next?

Find out how to log in faster with Shift's Password Manager here. 

Need help?

Submit a ticket here to speak directly with a Shift Customer Success Specialist. 

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