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How do I add a new password to Shift?
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With Shift's Password Manager, Shift will automatically prompt you to save new passwords as they are entered. Any updates you make will automatically prompt Shift to update your login credentials.


How to add a new password in Shift

First, ensure the Password Management and Save Passwords setting is turned on in Shift (this setting is on by default). Double-check by heading into Options (lower left corner) > Settings > Passwords > Options > ensure Password Management and Save Passwords is toggled ON.


  1. Navigate to your newly added email, app, or web tab on a new site you don't yet have a password for

  2. Sign in or create an account 

  3. Navigate to the automatic pop-up in the top right corner where your login credentials are auto-filled
  4. Select “Save” and find your password in your vault


View and mange your password vault

  1. Go to Options (lower left corner) > Settings > Passwords > Your Passwords

  2. Here you'll be able to search for, view, edit, and delete your passwords


The next time you open this application your login credentials will be automatically recognized and auto-filled. 


What's next?

Learn more about Password Management in Shift here.


Need help?

Get in touch with our support team here.

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