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With Shift's Password Manager, Shift will automatically prompt you to save new passwords as they are entered, fill in your default login credentials, and seamlessly sign you in. Changing your passwords frequently to avoid cyberattacks? Creating a new account for an app? No problem, you can conveniently manage all of your passwords from right inside of Shift. Let us do the remembering for you! 

How to Add a New Password for an Application

  1. Navigate to your new application

  2. Sign in or create an account 

  3. Navigate to the pop-up in the top right corner where your login credentials are auto-filled
  4. Select “Save” and find your password in your Settings 

How to Add a new Password for a Web Tab

  1. Open your web tab inside of Shift

  2. Input your login credentials and select “Save" from the popup in the top right corner

Tip: Clicking on the wrench icon will take you to your new saved password in your Shift Settings where you can view and edit your new password. 

Congratulations! Your vault password has been created and saved in Shift. 

How to View your new Password in your Vault

  1. Open your Options tray

  2. Click on Settings (the wrench icon)

  3. Navigate to Passwords 
  4. Search the password credentials you just added to your vault 

The next time you open this application your login credentials will be automatically recognized and auto-filled. 

Your saved passwords are stored locally and securely on your OS. 

What's next?

Find out how to log in faster with Shift's Password Manager here. 

Need help?

Submit a ticket here to speak directly with a Shift Customer Success Specialist. 

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