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How to import passwords from your browser (v7 legacy)
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A fix for the broken password import function can be accessed on our latest Beta release, version 7.2.5 🔨 Click here to read more.


Shift has a solution for you to import all of your passwords from your browser into Shift. Your Chrome passwords will be seamlessly converted into logins for everything you do in Shift! 🤩 Below is a list of supported browsers for password and history imports:


  • Chrome
  • Edge
  • Internet Explorer

You can import your history from Firefox, but not passwords.


History or password import from Safari is not supported.


If you have passwords stored across multiple browsers, simply import your passwords from your first browser, and then repeat the same steps for the second.


Method 1: Import from your app menu

  1. Click on your app menu at the top of your Shift window (press Ctrl \ to reveal it if you are a Windows user)

  2. Select "History" to reveal a drop-down menu
  3. Click "Import"
  4. Select your browser of choice, your preferences, and then click "Import" (you will then need to enter your computer's password)

Clicking the checkbox entitled “Backup & Sync Passwords” will store a copy of your encrypted passwords in our vault service. It is recommended to keep this checked.


Method 2: Import from settings

  1. Go to Options (lower left corner) > Settings > Passwords > Options (at the top)

  2. Click "Import" next to Import from Browser


What's next?

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