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You can unlock your password vault from any device by entering your vault password stored in your emergency kit. 


The Shift emergency kit is designed to enable you to sync your password data on your other devices. When you log into Shift on another device, you will receive an automatic pop-up prompting you to unlock your vault by entering your vault password stored in your emergency kit. 


If you would like to use Shift on more than one device you must ensure that Password Sync is enabled. In the case that Password Sync is disabled and you reset your application data, your passwords will be erased. 

To Enable Password Sync

  1. Open your Options tray (lower left) > Settings > Passwords > Options

  2. Toggle Password Sync ON

The Backup and Sync Passwords setting is turned on by default. It is recommended that this setting remains on, or you toggle it on to ensure that your passwords are not lost if you reset your application data in Shift. 


Upon entering your vault password your passwords will be synced and you will be able to access them by navigating to Options > Settings > Passwords > Your Passwords.  

What's next?

Find out how to use your Shift emergency kit here

Need help?

Submit a ticket here to speak directly with the Shift Customer Success team. 

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