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About the Backup and Sync setting (v7 Legacy)
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If you want to save your password data and be able to access your passwords across multiple computers, you must keep the Backup & Sync Passwords setting enabled in your password options (this setting is enabled by default). This setting allows your encrypted password data to be synced with Shift's servers. If you ever need to clear your Shift app data, your passwords will be available and when you log into Shift on another computer, you can access your password data by decrypting it from Shift's servers using your Vault Password.

It is recommended that this setting remains on to ensure that your passwords are never lost. 


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Where to find the Backup & Sync Passwords setting

  1. Go to Options (lower left corner) > Settings > Passwords > Options

  2. Toggle Backup & Sync Passwords ON


What's next?

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