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What to do if you're prompted to enter your Vault Password
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Have you been prompted to Unlock your Password Vault? You'll need your Vault Password for that. You can find your Vault Password in your Shift Emergency Kit.



What is a Vault Password?

This is the unique 20-digit alpha-numeric code that is automatically generated for you when you use passwords in Shift. When you first set up your vault, you will be prompted to save your emergency kit. Save it somewhere safe and accessible on your system, so you can find it easily when unlocking your vault in the future. No one can view this code except you, since it's never sent to Shift's servers or shared with anyone else.


How to unlock your Password Vault

When you're prompted to enter your vault password, simply copy and paste your code from the emergency kit you have previously saved, and click "Unlock"



Tip: If you have recently changed your Primary Shift Account, we recommend you resave a copy of your Emergency Kit, as it will update to your newly set Primary Shift Account.


Restart your computer

If you've entered your vault password and it doesn't seem to be sticking, try restarting your computer, re-launching Shift, and entering in your Vault Password when prompted.


What's next?

Learn about Backup & Sync Passwords here.


Learn more about how your password data is kept safe here.


Need help?

Get in touch with our support team here.

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