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Unlock your Password Vault using your Emergency Kit
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Have you been prompted to Unlock your Password Vault? You'll need your Vault Password for that. You can find your Vault Password in your Shift Emergency Kit.


What is a Vault Password?

This is the unique 20-digit alpha-numeric code that is automatically generated for you when you start to use passwords in Shift. It automatically gets saved locally on your computer's operating system level. This code is completely unique to you and is never sent to Shift's servers or shared with anything or anyone else, ever. No one can view this code except you.


When Backup & Sync is turned on (this is on by default in Password Options), an encrypted copy of your Password Vault is sent to Shift's servers so that your password data is backed up, and you can access your passwords on different computers. The Vault Password is the only thing that can decrypt your password data. It is needed when you want to use Shift across multiple computers.


For Windows Users, your vault password is stored in the Credential Vault

For Mac users, your vault password is stored in the Keychain

For Linux Users, your vault password is stored using the Secret Service API (libsecret)


How to find and view your Vault Password

After initially importing your passwords, you will be prompted to complete your setup and given the option to either print or save your Emergency Kit. If you choose not to import any passwords but still want to use the Password Management tool in Shift, can view your Emergency Kit.


It is highly recommended you save your Emergency Kit somewhere safe, that only you have access to. See our tips below.


Go to Options (lower left corner) > Settings > Passwords > Options > Emergency Kit > click "View"



How to Unlock your Password Vault

To access your vault on another computer, you'll first need to ensure the Backup & Sync Passwords setting is turned on. This setting is on by default. When you log into your Shift account on another computer, you'll be prompted to enter your Vault Password. The pop-up will look like this:


  1. Input your vault password (from your Emergency Kit) when prompted in Shift 
  2. Click "unlock"

  3. You will now have access to all of your passwords

If you have changed your Primary Shift email address, this does not affect your access to your Password Vault in Shift as your data will automatically be transferred over when you complete the change. Your Emergency Kit will change however, as it will update to your newly set Primary Shift Account. If you have recently changed your Primary Shift Account, ensure you resave your Emergency Kit.


Storing your Emergency Kit

  1. Print out your Shift Emergency Kit document and/or save it to a USB key or external drive

  2. Store your kit in a secure place where only you can find it (e.g. a safe deposit box)

You can enter your vault password from your Emergency Kit to unlock your vault on a secondary device or to restore your existing device. Upon entering your vault password you will regain access to all of your saved passwords in Shift. 


Lost Vault Password

In the event that you do not have access to your Vault Password to unlock your vault, it is highly recommended that you wait until you have access to it on your Emergency Kit to prevent the destruction of your vault. If you forgot to save your Emergency Kit and no longer have access to it from an old computer, you will need to destroy your existing Vault and create a new one. Find out how to destroy your vault here. 


What's next?

Learn about Backup & Sync Passwords here.


Learn more about how your password data is kept safe here.


Need help?

Get in touch with our support team here.

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