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To aid in recovering your passwords in case of an emergency, Shift generates an emergency kit that contains your vault password. Your vault password is mandatory for logging into your Shift account on other devices or to restore passwords on your existing device. You will be the only person with access to your vault password. It is stored locally on your Operating System (OS) and is never sent to our servers. 

For Windows Users, your vault password is stored in the Credential Vault.

For Mac users, your vault password is stored in the Keychain.

For Linux Users, your vault password is stored using the Secret Service API (libsecret).

Access your Emergency Kit

After initially importing your passwords from your default browser you will be prompted to complete your setup and given the option to either print or save your emergency kit. If you choose not to import any passwords but still want to use Saved Passwords in Shift, you will still be reminded to complete your setup. 


You can access your emergency kit at any time by heading into Options > Settings > Passwords > Options > Emergency Kit > View. 


All cryptographic code used by Shift comes from reputable third-party libraries that are written and maintained by cryptography experts.

To Unlock your Vault

  1. Input your vault password (from your emergency kit) when prompted in Shift 

  2. Click unlock 

  3. You will now have access to all of your passwords on your existing or secondary device.

Storing your Emergency Kit

Your Shift emergency kit contains your vault password that is essential for unlocking your passwords on a secondary device or restoring your passwords on an existing device. We are unable to recover your vault password from your emergency kit if you have misplaced or do not have access to your vault password. In this case, you will need to destroy your existing vault and import your passwords again from scratch. 

How to Store your Emergency Kit

  1. Print out your Shift Emergency Kit document and/or save it to a USB key or external drive

  2. Store your kit in a secure place where you can find it (e.g. a safe deposit box)

You can enter your vault password from your emergency kit to unlock your vault on a secondary device or to restore your existing device. Upon entering your vault password you will regain access to all of your saved passwords in Shift. 

If you Lose your Emergency Kit

In the event that you do not have access to your emergency kit to unlock your vault, it is highly recommended that you wait until you have access to your emergency kit again to prevent the destruction of your vault. 


If your emergency kit is permanently lost, you will need to destroy your existing vault and start with a brand new vault. Find out how to destroy your vault here. 

What's next?

Find out how we ensure your data is kept safe in Shift's Password Manager. 

Need help?

Submit a ticket here to speak directly with the Shift Customer Success team. 

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