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About your Vault Password and Emergency Kit (v7 Legacy)
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If you're using Shift's built-in Password Manager, you'll need to know about your Vault Password and Emergency Kit! Keep on readin' for more information about your Vault Password, Emergency Kit, and when you'll likely be prompted to enter your Vault Password. 🤓


What's a Vault Password?

Your Vault Password is generated for you automatically when you start using Shift's Password Manager. Your Vault Password is a unique 20-digit alpha-numeric code your computer uses to identify and access your encrypted password data from Shift's servers. Your Vault Password gets saved automatically to your computer's operating system, which allows you to access your encrypted password data. Learn more about Backup & Sync and how Shift keeps your password data safe here.


What's an Emergency Kit?

Your Emergency Kit contains your Primary Shift Account email along with your unique 20-digit alpha-numeric Vault Password. You are the only person who has access to your Emergency Kit and Vault Password. Your Emergency Kit and Vault Password are never sent to Shift servers or shared with anyone else in any way.


Where can I find my Vault Password and Emergency Kit?

When you start using Shift's Password Manager, you will be prompted to save your Emergency Kit which contains your Primary Shift Account email and Vault Password. You can also access your Emergency Kit anytime:

  1. Go to Options (lower left) > Settings > Passwords > Options (at the top)
  2. Click View next to Emergency Kit at the bottom of the menu. Check out the quick video below 👇


When will I need to enter my Vault Password?

Below are a few cases of when you might be prompted to enter your Vault Password:

  1. There's been a connection error between your Shift setup and the server (where your encrypted password data is stored). Often, this comes along with a yellow banner and communication error. More about that here.
  2. You've downloaded and logged into Shift on a new computer. Learn more about using Shift across multiple computers here.

Unexpectedly prompted to enter your Vault Password? Read our quick troubleshooting tips here.



If you're prompted to enter your vault password, simply copy and paste your code from your Emergency Kit and click "Unlock"


What's next?

Learn about Backup & Sync Passwords here.


Learn more about how your password data is kept safe here.

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