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How to use Shift on multiple computers
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You can access your Shift account across as many supported devices (Mac and Windows) as you'd like for no additional cost! Your basic Shift setup will be available across multiple devices (added email accounts and apps). Some settings will not sync, however. Check out our complete guide below for using Shift Ultra across multiple computers. 💻


Make sure to fully close down Shift on all computers except for the one you're using! This will help ensure any changes you make to your emails and apps will be reflected across all devices.


How to use Shift across multiple computers

  1. Download Shift Ultra on your other computer(s)
  2. Launch Shift Ultra and select "log in to existing account"
  3. Sign in using your Primary Shift Account
  4. Log into all your emails and apps (you will need to sign back into all of your accounts)
  5. Close down Shift fully when you're done using it on your computer (this will ensure any changes you make to your emails and apps will be reflected across all computers)

When you use Shift across multiple computers, there is some notable information and features that will not yet sync across your devices (don’t worry, our development team is working on it)! When you use Shift for the first time on another device, you will need to set up your preferences outside of your added accounts and apps. Any changes you make outside of added accounts and apps will not be reflected automatically across your devices.


Here’s a breakdown of what information will sync and what information will be kept local:


Feature Sync Across Computers?
Emails and apps
Chrome Extensions
Opened web tabs
Saved passwords & form data
Browsing history
Browser settings


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