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How to use Shift on multiple computers
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You can access your Shift account across as many supported devices as you wish for no additional cost! Use Shift on as many different computers as you want. 😄💻 

If you recently logged into Shift on another computer and are prompted to upgrade, you've signed in with the wrong account! Read this article on how to sign out.


To access Shift on another device, follow these easy steps:


  1. Download Shift on the computer you are looking to use Shift on (Shift is supported on Mac and Windows laptop/desktop computers)
  2. Launch Shift, and select "log in to existing account"
  3. Sign in using your Primary Shift Account (the first email you originally used to create your Shift account)
  4. Enter your Vault Password when prompted (you'll need to access your Vault Password via your Emergency Kit on your first computer. Learn more here)
  5. Log into all your emails, apps, and extensions

You'll notice when you log into Shift on your other computer(s), your setup is the same as your first device (with exception of your opened and pinned web tabs. Learn more about that here)

If you're no longer using your first computer, we recommend logging out and uninstalling Shift entirely. Learn how to sign out of Shift here.


Tips for using Shift across multiple computers

Follow these important, but simple tips when using Shift on multiple computers:


  1. Ensure you're running the same version of Shift across all your devices (Learn how to check your Shift version here)
  2. Fully close/quit (press Cmd Q or Ctrl Q on your keyboard) Shift on all devices when you are done using it for the day. This will help ensure that any changes you made to your setup will always be reflected across all of your devices.

To ensure changes to your Shift setup are reflected across all your devices please do the following:

  1. Close down Shift fully on all devices except one
  2. Make the desired changes to Shift on the device it is running on
  3. Close down Shift
  4. When you open Shift on a different device again, the changes should be reflected

It is important to only run a single instance of Shift at a time. Make sure Shift is running on only one computer when making changes to your setup!


What's next?

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