Can I log into Shift on multiple devices?

Great question! You can access Shift on as many desktop devices as you wish with your primary Shift account. 

Shift is available as a desktop app. You can use Shift on any computer that runs Mac, Windows, or Linux and the Operating System. At the moment, Shift does not have a mobile app but we continue to consider this! As well, Shift is not supported on Chrome OS and cannot run on tablets. 

To access Shift on another device, here are the steps:

1. Download Shift on the computer(Mac/Windows/Linux) you are looking to use Shift on.

2. Launch Shift, and click on "log in to existing account" on the bottom left.

3. Sign in using your primary Shift account. This will be the first email you originally used to create your Shift account. 

 ​​​4. Log into all your emails and applications in the same order as they are on your other device.

5. Enjoy all of your settings and preferences you have already saved!

Note: If you are an Advanced user, your subscription will automatically sync over as well.