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Shift 5.0.86 - Released 2020-09-16
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Shift version 5.0.86 has been released to the Stable channel with a new batch of available applications, exciting updates, and important bug fixes. 



  • We brought back the ability to close Shift to the System Tray on Windows OS! 
  • Auto-fill can be adjusted when searching in a browser URL in Shift!

New Applications

Check out which of your favourite apps have been added below: 


Jell - Project and Task Management - IT and Developer Tools

Integromat - IT and Developer Tools

Microsoft Flow - IT and Developer Tools - IT and Developer Tools

Otter - Communication and Messaging 

Fireflies - Communication and Messaging

Adobe Acrobat - Design and Creativity

Demio - Communication and Messaging

Teachable - Online Learning

Home Advisor - Curation and Sourcing

Crello - Design and Creativity

MySMS - Communication and Messaging

JustCall - Customer Support

Chargify - Accounting and Finance

Google Groups


Bing Places - E-Commerce and Shopping


Bug fixes 

Resolved: Copying a bookmark folder from Chrome and pasting it inside of your Shift Workspace bookmarks bar does not work as expected. 


Resolved: Email accounts are cut off on the sidebar when your Shift window size is small.


Resolved: Using the Auto-hibernate feature in a Workspace closes voice and video calls for apps inside of the Workspace. 


Resolved: A blank screen appears in Shift upon deleting a Workspace when "Show Bookmarks Bar in Apps" is enabled. 


Resolved: Trello badge notifications are not displayed properly.


Resolved: Shift is unresponsive when attempting to share a Workspace and remove an email from the "Email Addresses" input via the Backspace key. 


Resolved: Teamwork app badge notifications are not displayed properly. 

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