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Editing a Workspace
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Collaborators with Edit and Admin access are able to edit Workspaces. Individuals with View access are unable to edit Workspaces. The changes you make to a shared Workspace will automatically reflect for your collaborators. The Workspace will automatically update for all collaborators anytime you:


  • Edit Workspace settings (Name, Description, Colour, and Logo)
  • Change existing apps (Account Name, Colour, and app home page)
  • Add new apps or remove existing ones
  • Change existing bookmarks (Name, Folder)
  • Add new bookmarks or remove existing ones

Learn more about Workspace permissions here.

How to Edit Workspace Settings (Admin only)

  1. Right-click on the Workspace in the sidebar and click "Settings"
  2. Change the Workspace Name, Description, Colour, and Icon as desired


How to Edit Workspace Apps (Admin & Edit only)

  1. Click into the app in the Workspace, then right-click on the app and select "Edit"
  2. Alter the Account Name and colour as desired
  3. You can also set the app's home page by clicking into the app, then right-clicking and selecting "Save page as app home"


How to Edit Workspace Bookmarks (Admin & Edit only)

  1. Right-click on the bookmark bar and select "Edit"
  2. Rename the bookmark or select which folder it appears in

How to Edit Workspace Icons (Admin only) 

  1. Navigate to your chosen Workspace and click on the home icon in the top left 
  2. Click on the Workspace icon in the middle of the page (above the search bar) to edit
  3. Drag & Drop or choose an image from your computer, or choose a Shift icon 
  4. Select Update

What's next?

Need help getting started? Learn more about creating a new Workspace here.


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Learn how to add and remove apps to a Workspace here.


Need help?

Get in touch with our support team here.

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