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Sadly, sometimes computers have issues syncing with the Shift server. As a result, you will receive an error message titled "Cannot Communicate with the Shift Server". In the event of a server error, the response body will contain an error phrase.


In all cases, the cause of this message can be found by clicking on the "contact us here" link in the notification. This will take you to our support page and will automatically add the error message and additional information in the text of the new ticket.


Please copy that error message and send it to us directly by submitting a ticket here. This error message can be used by our support team to quickly look up the incident that caused the server error.


This error message can occur, but is not limited to the following reasons: 

  • Your computer is connected to a firewall 
  • A local proxy server 
  • An unstable internet connection
  • An internal server error 

Our support team will happily provide you with a solution for this error message, such as refreshing Shift, resetting your application data, or simply closing and opening Shift. The solution is dependent on the error message you see.


Please contact our support team here for any additional information on the causes of these server errors. 

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