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How to clear your browser cache, cookies, and history in Shift
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You can clear your history, cache, and cookies in Shift by completing an app data reset. An app data reset is also highly effective at troubleshooting most issues. Resetting your app data will clear away the data that's stored locally on your computer, including the data that keeps you logged into your accounts in Shift. This means you will need to log back into your accounts again, but your sidebar setup, some settings, Workspaces, and passwords will remain intact (as long as backup and sync setting is turned on for your passwords. More on password backup and sync here). 

WARNING: Any opened or pinned web tabs that are not saved as Bookmarks will close when you reset your app data. Read more about that here.


If you've uploaded a custom image for any of your email accounts, the image will clear when you reset your app data. More on that here.


  1. Click options (lower left) > Settings > General 

  2. Scroll to the very bottom of the page to find "Reset application data"
  3. Click Reset app data and follow the prompts
  4. Log back in with your Primary Shift Account


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