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Shift 5.0.81 - Released 2020-08-19
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Shift 5.0.81 is now available in the Shift Stable channel. 


Check for updates to get the latest version of Shift. We have some exciting bug fixes to share with you! 



  • The ability to drag-n-drop bookmarks into folders in your Workspaces is now available! 
  • You can now reset your Application data from the application menu bar 

Bug Fixes


Resolved: Shift crashes when using Microsoft Teams


Resolved: Pingdom app: Login produces an unexpected error


Resolved: Workspace does not appear to be "Active" inside of a list. When you are selecting an Email Account, App or Workspace from the sidebar it will now show that it is active. 


Resolved: Workspaces: Editing the Account Name of an existing app does not sync


Resolved: Workspaces: Collaborators with View permissions see a sync error when drag and dropping bookmarks


Resolved: Shift email accounts are named "Untitled" before logging in

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