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Does Shift have a Student Discount? print icon

At this time we do not offer a Shift student discount. 


As an alternative, you can get a year of Shift Advanced for FREE by getting 5 friends to download and install.

For a referral to be considered activated and complete, this is what your friends need to do:

1. Copy the referral link into a browser.
2. Click download when the page loads.
3. Now they will see a prompt for an email address. They enter their email address here (let's say they used "")
4. Now once the download is complete, click on the download
5. Shift will install and run
6. Click on the "Gmail Mailbox" button (or Outlook/Inbox if appropriate)
7. Enter the same email as above ( in our case).
8. Finish the setup process.
9. Shift account is all set up

Now if you go into your account, you will see as an activated referral.


If you are a faculty member, instructor, or staff at an educational organization, please find out how to receive a discount here. 

To reach out to our customer success team please submit a ticket here

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