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How to Open Links from Shift in your Browser print icon

Shift allows users the choice to open links inside of Shift or in a browser. The choice is yours and is easily adjustable by following these steps:


1. Open Shift and go to your Settings

2. Click on General and go to Functionality

3. Scroll until you find "Open links in Shift".

4. From there you can toggle this OFF if you want your links to open in your default browser every time, rather than inside a tab in Shift. 



If you want to streamline your workflow process to have your apps, email accounts, and web tabs all in one place then turn Open links in Shift ON!


This will ensure that links you click on in Shift open in Shift and not in your browser.


The choice is yours!


To find out how to add a bookmark to Shift to make links easily accesible please click here.


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