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What is the Shift Alpha Channel?

The Alpha channel is a channel on Shift where new releases and fixes are first revealed. 👻


Switching to the Alpha channel allows users to interact with the latest features, updates, apps, and extensions on Shift before they are released onto our Stable channel. 


New features and fixes are released onto Shift in the following order: Alpha > Beta > Stable. Users on the Alpha and Beta channels are usually customers who are eager to get a fix for a bug, or are excited to try out new features of Shift.


If you are an eager user or are experiencing an issue that has been solved on our Alpha channel you can make the switch by doing the following: 

1. Go to Options (lower left) > Settings > General > Support and Updates > Click Beta on the right-hand side and accept any notices.
2. A prompt will show with a new version of Shift asking you to update. Accept. 
3. You will now notice there is now an option to select "Alpha" as a channel. Select that and follow the same steps as above.

4. Allow Shift to reload and you will be on the Alpha channel interacting with new features and updates! 

Now, you should be on the Alpha channel. 


If you prefer not to move onto Alpha please be assured that the fix or feature will be released on our Beta and Stable channel in the coming weeks.


Please click here for steps to switch back to the Stable channel. 

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