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Shift 5.0.77- Released 2020-07-27
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Shift 5.0.77 is now available in the Shift Stable channel!


Check for updates to get the latest version of Shift. 


Bug Fixes


Resolved: Update Shift's Chrome version so Okta users can log in using SSO on the latest version of Chrome. 


Resolved: Mixmax Extension: Sidechat stays open in the Gmail inbox.


Resolved: Hubspot extension: Unable to log in.


Resolved: TSheets app: Go Home button redirects to the sign-in page. 


Resolved: Kayako app: Incorrectly categorized in the Shift app directory. 


Resolved: Ribbon expansion stuck issues. The Shift ribbon opens and remains open when users try to close it or when moving your mouse away from it. 


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