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Sharing a Workspace
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Workspaces are made for sharing.


You and your team can use them for specific projects, as the team hub, or even for individual workflows. 


When you share a Workspace with someone - and that someone can be anyone, by the way- you are sharing a collection of apps, tabs, and bookmarks. 


Sharing Apps


When you share applications in a Workspace, you are sharing the application, but not your own account and login credentials. 


For example, if you create a Workspace with the Slack application in it, then share it with your collaborators, the people you share the Workspace with will not have access to your Slack account. They will instead have the Slack app included in their own Workspace that they can then log into using their own account. 


Think of sharing an app like giving structure to your Workspace. What kind of apps does your team currently use to collaborate with? Consider adding them to your shared Workspace to create a template for the apps you and your team use for the topic of that Workspace.


Sharing an app homepage


If you have Edit or Admin access to a Workspace, you can choose an app’s homepage. 


This is great if you are working on a particular project or want to showcase certain pages within an app. 


Here are some examples: 


For projects, add your project management tool as an app and set the homepage of the app as the kanban board for your project. 


For Workspaces that revolve around a meeting, link to the homepage of your reporting page so you can quickly pull up important information. 


When you share the app homepage in a Workspace, that homepage will be the same for your entire team. This way, you can all be on the same page, literally!


Sharing Focused Web Tabs


Sharing web tabs is the most flexible way to collaborate in Workspaces. 


Web tabs are private in your Workspace until you share them. Once they are added to a Workspace, they are not shared with your team. You will need to share them in order for them to be visible to a Workspace collaborator. 


You can use them to show a doc to a colleague or get feedback on something new that you’re learning. 


Let’s say you’re onboarding a new employee and teaching them how to invoice a client. You can open up everything you need in web tabs in your shared Workspace, then share those tabs with your colleague. They can follow along using the Workspace as you explain the process to them. 


To share web tabs, click on the blue share button in the top right corner of your Workspace. Key in the email of the person you’d like to share the Workspace with, and then toggle on “Share tabs”. Leave the tabs you wish to share turned on, and the ones you’d like to keep private, off. 



Sharing Bookmarks


When you add a bookmark to Shift, it becomes available to anyone with access to that Workspace. 


Use Bookmarks to keep important team documents available to all your collaborators. 


Start by opening a new web tab for the page you would like to bookmark. Once that page is open, click on the star in the URL box to create the bookmark. 


If you’d like to add folders, right-click on the Bookmarks bar and create a new folder. Once the folder is created, you can start adding bookmarks to that folder. 



Workspaces are endlessly flexible and easy to share. Start learning more about Workspaces today!


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