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Shift 5.0.65 - Released 2020-06-16
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Shift 5.0.65 has been released to the Stable channel! 



  • Web tabs can now be created in apps! To create a web tab in an application, click on the "+" icon in the top bar of Shift when in any application. 


Resolved: Xero app doesn’t show pdf previews. 


Resolved: Uploading PDF on the expenses page in Xero brings up the download window. 


Resolved: Some App Sidebar Icons Get Cut off When Other Apps are Selected. 


Resolved: The Twist app does not load. 


Resolved: Gmail Calendar loading sporadically takes over the Shift screen. 


Resolved: Zoom App - Logo appears cut off in the sidebar. 


Resolved: Slack - Unread notification badges don't include notifications out of view. 


Resolved: Skype - Unread notifications badges don't include notifications out of view. 



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