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Shift 5.0.65 - Released 2020-06-16
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Shift 5.0.65 has been released to the Stable channel! 


Introducing, Workspaces 🌟


An entirely new way of using Shift has arrived.


Create unique workspaces within Shift. 


Compartmentalize your apps in Shift to create Workspaces for specific topics. 


Use Workspaces to collaborate with your colleagues, or plan with friends and family. You can easily share a workspace with tabs, bookmarks, and apps that everyone can use. 


Workspaces can be:

  • Task or project-based
  • Temporary or permanent
  • Professional or personal
  • Private, public, or something in between


To learn more about Workspaces and how to get started, click here. 






  • Web tabs can now be created in apps! To create a web tab in an application, click on the "+" icon in the top bar of Shift when in any application. 



Resolved: Google Chat - Website links open a new blank tab. 


Resolved: Xero app doesn’t show pdf previews. 


Resolved: Uploading PDF on the expenses page in Xero brings up the download window. 


Resolved: Some App Sidebar Icons Get Cut off When Other Apps are Selected. 


Resolved: The Twist app does not load. 


Resolved: Gmail Calendar loading sporadically takes over the Shift screen. 


Resolved: Zoom App - Logo appears cut off in the sidebar. 


Resolved: Slack - Unread notification badges don't include notifications out of view. 


Resolved: Skype - Unread notifications badges don't include notifications out of view. 



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