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Getting Started with Workspaces
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Workspaces are an added organizational and space-saving tool that allows you to focus and streamline your workflow 💥. Use Workspaces to create groupings of your apps and Bookmarks. Organize your Workspaces by function (e.g. social media, banking/finance, task management, planning a home renovation project, etc.), by client, by project, by department or team, or by frequency (e.g. group the apps you only use once in a while together). There's no right or wrong way how to use Workspaces. The main thing is that Workspaces allow you to group together apps and use bookmarks.

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Make sure you're familiar with what data is saved! Read more here.


How to add a Workspace to Shift

Workspaces can be permanent or temporary, shared with others, or kept to yourself. Getting started is easy! Here's how 👇


  1. Click on the "+" in your sidebar and select "Add Workspace"

  2. Give your Workspace a title and description, and use the home page to add apps (apps added to a Workspace will appear in a row near the top right-hand corner of your screen)

  3. Add bookmarks by typing in a URL and clicking on the star to save (right-click on the bookmarks bar to create a folder, then drag and drop bookmarks as desired)
  4. Right-click on your Workspace in your sidebar and select Settings where you can add an image or logo
  5. Click the blue Share button in the upper-right corner to share it with friends, colleagues, or family members

Workspace features and quick tips


What's next?

Learn more and complete your setup using our Getting Started section here.


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