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Setting an App's homepage in Shift Workspaces
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You can set up an app homepage for each application you have added to a Shift Workspace.


Shift uses deep linking in Workspaces to allow you to set up an app homepage. 

What is an App Homepage? 

An app homepage is the first page that Shift defaults to when you click on that app. 



How to set an App Homepage

1. Add any application to a Shift Workspace. 


2. Look to the top right corner of your Workspace and spy the app that you want to include a homepage for. 


3. Log in to the app and navigate to the page you wish to set as the homepage. 


4. Right-click on the app logo. A menu will appear. Select "Save as App Home". 



What would I use an App Homepage for? 


You can use this for yourself, or when sharing your Workspace with others to highlight a specific page in the app. 


Let's say you have a shared Workspace for you and your team. How about we say you're a marketing team? Sure!


You want to include your daily revenue numbers in your Workspace. Easy enough! You can either add a new tab to your Workspace, or you could set the app homepage as your revenue numbers page. 


This way when your team uses that app in the Workspace, the always go to the app homepage first. 


It's a great way to bring important topics to the forefront of you or your team's minds. 


The possibilities are endless! 



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