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How to add a Workspace to Shift

Welcome to Shift Workspaces. 

Workspaces are a focused collection of mission-critical tabs, bookmarks, and apps for you to mix and match, and create the perfect workflow for you, and your team. 

Visualize and Build

In Workspaces, you can add: 

  • Apps (choose from 1200 +)
  • Bookmarks for easy access
  • Focused Web Tabs for quick reference. 

Remember, Workspaces are easy to build and flexible. Think of them as a canvas for mission-critical work. Add as many as you like, then organize them how you like. 

Workspaces can be:

  • Task or project-based
  • Temporary or permanent
  • Professional or personal
  • Private, public, or something in between

Adding a Workspace

Start by setting a goal for your Workspace. 

Ask these questions: 

  1. What is the purpose of this Workspace? 
  2. Who do I want to collaborate with, in this Workspace? 

Answering these questions will help you organize your Workspace so it's an effective space for you and your team. 

 Create and Optimize

Let's get started by adding a Workspace to Shift. 

Click on the square "+" icon in the bottom left-hand corner of Shift. 

Hint: Look to the bottom of your Shift sidebar. 

Select " Add Workspace". 

Congrats! You have made your first Workspace.

Title your Workspace by clicking on where it says "Untitled Workspace" and type in your new title.

✅Shift Tip: Have a clear title that answers the question "What is the purpose of this Workspace?"

Do you have any feedback on Shift Workspaces you'd like to give? We would love to hear it! Click here to get started with a quick survey.

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  • 13-Jul-2020