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Who can I share Shift Workspaces with?
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Who can you share your Shift Workspaces with? The short answer: Anyone and everyone!


As long as you are sharing your Workspace with someone who has an email account that can be used as a primary account, you can share your Shift Workspace with them. 


How does Sharing work? 


Great question! All you have to do is create your Workspace and share it through email or link. 


To learn more about how to share a workspace, click here. 


Essentially, when you share a Workspace, you are sharing the apps, tabs, and bookmarks inside that Workspace. You can change the sharing access on your Workspace to whatever suits you best. 


Seamlessly share a Workspace with whoever you choose.

Access the Workspace shared with you with the click of a button! 

Can I share a Workspace with someone who doesn't have Shift? 


Absolutely! If you share a Workspace with someone who doesn't have a Shift account yet, they can still use the Workspace. 


All they need to do is download Shift and set up an account using the link you sent them. Easy-peasy. 


As soon as their account is set up, they will be able to use the Workspace in their very own Shift account? 


What if the person I share a Workspace with doesn't have an Advanced account? 


That's all fine too! You can share a Workspace with anyone. 


If they have a free account, they will still be able to use your Workspace like usual. They just won't have access to any of the other premium features in Shift. 

Find out more about the differences between Edit, Admin, and View access here.

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