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Shift Workspaces: Sharing and Collaboration
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We have made it to the bread and butter of Workspaces: Sharing!


When you're ready, share your Workspace with others. Decide who you want to be included in your Workspaces, then customize access and permissions accordingly. You can also make them public for others to enjoy. 


Workspaces are for: 


  • Just you, or a group (big or small)
  • Apps you collaborate with
  • Bookmarks to review altogether
  • Quick-view tabs for everyone


Make your Workspace yours -- then invite your colleagues, friends, or maybe even your family. 

Start Sharing

1. Click on the blue "Share" button in the top right of your Workspace to open your Sharing options page. 


2. A Workspaces Sharing Page will show up with the option to share by email or by link. 


Email Sharing: This will send an email to your collaborators. 


Link Sharing: You can send a sharing link to your collaborators however you like. 


3. Choose the account you want to share from. All your email accounts in Shift will be listed in the drop down menu under "Account". 


When you share your Workspace, the email you choose here will be where the Workspace is sent from. Make sure you choose an email that your collaborators will recognize.

4. If you are sharing by Email, you can now type in the email addresses of your collaborators. 


5. Choose what kind of sharing access you want to give your collaborators. 


✅Shift Tip: If you want to give different levels of access to your collaborators, share in batches. For example, only include emails for collaborators who get Edit Access then share. Then separately share with Admins. You can always go back and edit your collaborator access later. 

What is the difference between View, Edit, and Admin Access? Click here to learn more. 


6. Choose which tabs you want to share. If you want to keep certain tabs to yourself, be sure to uncheck those tabs before sharing them. 

7. Share! Generate your link or send your sharing email and start using your Workspace with others. 


You can share Workspaces with anyone you choose! Click here to learn more. 

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