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About permissions in Workspaces
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Workspaces can be used as a collaboration tool in Shift. Anyone can create a Workspace or multiple Workspaces in Shift. After you create a Workspace, you can add collaborators by sharing the Workspace with other Shift users. When you share a Workspace, you can set different permission levels among your collaborators. There are three permission levels for Workspaces:


  1. View
  2. Edit
  3. Admin (you are automatically the Admin if you created the Workspace)

Below outlines the differences among each!


Action View Edit Admin
Hide a Workspace

Leave a Workspace

Share with Workspace with others*

Add and delete apps in the Workspace

Change the home pages of the apps in the Workspace

Add and delete bookmarks in the Workspace

Change permissions of existing collaborators**

Change the Workspace name

Change the Workspace colour

Change the Workspace description

Change the Workspace icon

Delete the Workspace


  • *When collaborators share the Workspace with others, the highest permission they can give is the same permission they have
  • **When collaborators edit the permissions of existing collaborators, they can only edit collaborators who have the same permission or lower than they have

What's next?

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