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My team member did not get a Shift for Teams Invite
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If your team member isn't getting their invite to join your team, that could be for a few reasons. 


Have no fear, we are here to help!


Step 1: Check to see if you have followed the correct onboarding steps. 


Click here to read about how to onboard a new team member. 


Step 2: Check to see if your team member's email is spelled correctly. 

Open Shift and go to Options > Settings > Teams. 


In your Teams dashboard, check to make sure the email of your team members is spelled correctly. 


If not, delete the team members and re-add them with the correctly spelled email address. 


Make sure to delete the email first, then re-add after you've deleted. If you do the opposite, you'll be charged for another lisence.


Step 3: Make sure they are using the correct email account. 

Does your company use multiple email accounts? Perhaps you are sending the invite to their personal email rather than their work email. 


Check to make sure your team member knows which email inbox to check for the invitation. 


Shift Tip: Only Gmail, Gsuite, Office 365 and emails can be used as primary accounts. Make sure you are sending the invitation to only one of those four types of emails. Yahoo, Apple Mail, and Exchange emails are just some examples of email accounts that cannot be used as the primary email address in Shift. 


Step 4: Have your Team member check the spam folder of their inbox. 


On some rare occasions, the invite may have gone to your team member's spam folder. 


Have them check their spam folder for an email from yourself and Shift. 


Step 5: Remove the team member and re-add them to the team. 

Try removing the team member and re-adding them to your team again by going to your Shift Options > Settings > Teams. 


Delete the team member and add them again to the team. This will send a new invitation to them to download Shift. 


Make sure you delete first, then re-add the team member after. 


Step 6: Contact our support team. 

If all else fails, create a ticket here with our support team! We will get back to you shortly to help get your team onboarded. 


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