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How to add a team member to your Shift Team
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Want to purchase additional licenses and add more members to your team in Shift? If you're the Admin on your team, please read this article to learn how! 


  1. Go to the online account portal and sign in using your Primary Shift Account
  2. Click on Teams in the left side panel
  3. Click on "Purchase" and then select the number of additional licenses needed for your team members
  4. Type in your team member's email, then click "Invite Team Member"

NOTE: Emails by Gmail, Outlook, or Office 365 are supported in Shift. Unsupported emails, such as Exchange or privately hosted emails will not work! If you sent the invite to an unsupported email, you'll need to delete the invite and invite a supported email.


After you invite your team member, they'll get an automated email from containing an invite link to join the team. Ensure your team members follow these instructions.


What's next?

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Team member didn't get the invite? Instructions on what to do next, here.


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