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How to add a new team member to Shift
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When adding a new team member to Shift for Teams, you are including them in your Shift for Teams plan. 

A new team member will have access to all the features of Shift Advanced.


You will be able to add and remove them from your plan in the Shift for Teams dashboard in your Shift Settings.


Getting Started


Check out this article on how to add team members to Shift. Click here. 



Can Team members remove themselves from the Team? 


No. Only the Administrator has access to the Team's dashboard and can add or remove team members. 


My team member hasn't started working at our company yet. How do I set up an account for when they arrive? 


If they have a company email set up, you can still add them to your team prior to their first day of work. 


To do this, just add them to the team like you would any other team member (check out the article above in "Getting Started" for more details). 



When they arrive in the office, they will have an invitation for Shift waiting for them in their inbox. 



I invited the wrong person or misspelled their email. What do I do? 



No problem! If you are the Administrator, you can delete this person and their invitation and start over. 


Open Shift and go to the Teams tab. You can delete the member that you want to remove and then add the new member. 




Have more questions about Shift for Teams? Reach out to our support team here. 

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