How to add Bookmarks to Shift

There's no question that Bookmarks are a vital tool. 

You can add your Bookmarks to Shift by using Shift Workspaces. 

To get started, add a Workspace to Shift by clicking on the square "+" icon at the bottom of your Shift sidebar. 

Choose "Add Workspace". 

A new page will show up like the one below. Here you can name your workspace, add apps, and add your bookmarks. 

Adding a Bookmark 

1. Type in the URL of the web page you would like to save as a bookmark in your workspace. 

🤔 Shift Tip: Open the page in your browser or in a web tab in Shift. Copy the link into Shift.

2. Once you have opened the page you want to Bookmark, click on the star in the search bar to bookmark that page and "Save". ⭐

After saving, your new Bookmark will be saved along the top bar of your new Workspace. 

You can view this bookmark any time that you are in the Workspace it was created in. 

If you leave that Workspace for a different account or Workspace in Shift, just navigate back to the Workspace with the Bookmark in it to access that Bookmark again. 

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  • 11-Jun-2020