How to make the switch from Wunderlist to Microsoft ToDo in Shift

Wunderlist launches the new Microsoft ToDo application on May 6th, 2020. 

With this new launch, Wunderlist is discontinuing the Wunderlist application and moving all functionality over to Microsoft ToDo. 

If you use Wunderlist in Shift, there is an easy way to import your data to Microsoft ToDo. 

How to switch from Wunderlist to Microsoft ToDo

In a few easy steps, you can import your Wunderlist data to Microsoft ToDo. 

To get started, read this article and follow the steps.

Now, open Shift and add the Microsoft ToDo application. 

Log in and you will find all your Wunderlist data has been transferred to Microsoft ToDo. 

You can delete the Wunderlist application from your sidebar by right-clicking on the Wunderlist icon and selecting 'Delete' from the dropdown menu. 

For more information on the discontinuation of Wunderlist, check out this article here. 

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  • 05-May-2020