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Billing & Subscriptions for Teams

If you are the administrator of a Shift for Teams account, this article is for you. 


We've outlined all the important information about Shift for Teams billing and subscriptions. Read on!


How does Shift for Teams billing work?

Shift for Teams is $99.99 per year per team member. 


If you add team members throughout the year, they will be charged at a prorated amount. 


Invoices will be emailed to the administrator's primary Shift email account. 


What is the billing cycle for Shift for Teams? 

The billing cycle for Shift for Teams is once per year. 


Your account renews on the day you upgraded your administrator account. 


Any team members that are added to your account after the original purchase date or renewal date will be charged immediately on the card on file for a prorated amount. 


What card will I get billed on? 



The card on file on your Shift account. 


If you signed up for Shift previously with your personal credit card, please make sure you change the billing details to your company card prior to adding additional team members. 


Can I change the card I get billed on? 


Yes! Just go into your Shift Options > Settings > Billing > click on Manage Subscription. 


If you would like to change your billing details before your next renewal or adding another team member, make sure you do this before the upgrade or renewal happens. 


If I added new team members over the year, how much will my subscription cost on my renewal date? 


On your renewal date, your subscription will be a total of the number of licenses you have multiplied by $99.99. 


So if on your renewal date, you have 5 team members, 5 x $99.99 = $499.95. 


How do I check my subscription renewal date? 


You can find your subscription renewal date in your Shift Settings. 


Click on Services > Settings > Billing. You can find your renewal date there. 




Have some more questions? Feel free to reach out to our support squad for more help here. 


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